Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy beats?
A: To Buy Beats Online

  1. You have to click the + button then select “LEASE” of the beat/beats that you would like to purchase and that will add the beat/beats to the shopping cart.
  2. Once you have added the beat/beats to the shopping cart; you then click the CHECKOUT button and it will direct you to the order page.
  3. Fill out the required information in the order page and pay through Paypal.
  4. Once the payment has been received the download links will be automatically emailed to you for direct download within a couple of minutes.

Q: How do I download beats after I buy them?
A: The download link will be emailed to you after your payment is confirmed. Make sure to check your SPAM folder for the download links.

 Q: Can I sell and profit off of the song I make with the Free Beats from BeatsKnock?
A: No, the Free Beats Download from BeatsKnock are for Non-Profit and Promotional use only. However, you are allowed to give the songs you recorded over the Free Beats as FREE DOWNLOADS as well as promote your song via Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets as long as you provide the proper credits to BeatsKnock.

Q: Will I get the voice tags all over the beat after I buy it?
A: No, the tags will be completely removed. Some beats may have just one tag in the beginning.

Q: Will I get MP3 or WAVE files when I buy beats?
A: Every beat that you buy will be delivered to you in High Quality WAVE formats. We know the value of having High Quality WAVE files when recording a song.

Q: Can I change up the beat after I buy it?
A: Yes, you can speed up, slow down, chop, loop, add sounds and change up the beat as much as you would like as long as you give the full production credit to the BeatsKnock Producer.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot give refunds back because we are dealing with digital downloads. We encourage all of our customers to take their time and make a wise decision when purchasing from BeatsKnock.

Q: What does Non-Exclusive/Lease mean?
A: Non-Exclusive/Lease means that we give you the permission under the BeatsKnock Licensing Agreement to use our beats for any of your projects. You have the right record a song and promote yourself with our beats on mixtapes, youtube, soundcloud, myspace, twitter, facebook and other social media outlets. You are also granted the rights give away the song you recorded on our beats for FREE Downloads or SELL up to 2,500 copies. Anything sold over 2,500 copies, you will need to contact us for additional licensing rights.

Q: When I buy beats for Non-Exclusive/Lease; does it mean I own it?
A: No, you do not own the beats; you have the right to use it under the BeatsKnock Licensing Agreement for any of your projects. We can sell that same beat to other artists unless until the Exclusive Rights has been purchased on that beat.

Q: What does Exclusive Rights mean?
A:  When the Exclusive Rights have been purchased for a beat; it means that no one else has the right to use that beat and only the person who purchased that beat has the Exclusive Rights to it.

Q: How do I buy the Exclusive Rights to a beat?
A: To buy Exclusive Rights to a beat; you will need to send us a message via CONTACT FORM with the beat/beats that you would like to buy and someone from our team will get in contact with you.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

PLEASE NOTE: When you Buy Beats and/or Download Free Beats Online; you automatically AGREE to the TERMS OF USE as well as the LICENSING AGREEMENT on this website.
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